Wednesday, June 3, 2015

{Super Saver Deal} One Person - One Year Food Storage Package

If you're like me you love a good deal and this my friends is a fantastic deal if you've been looking to purchase food storage for yourself and family!

This 'all in one' package gives you all the food you'll need for one person for an entire year! So if you're buying just for yourself grab one, if you are preparing for yourself and one other person you'll need two... and so on. A family of 6? Purchase six and you'll be set for a full year! You can also break it down into a 6 month food supply by purchasing half the amount you'll need. With the example of a six person family that would be purchasing three full packages.

My word of advice on food storage is simply to get started. To do something sooner than later. The peace of mind that comes in knowing that you are able to provide for your family in uncertain times is worth it. This special Super Saver Deal price is only good until June 21st!! This deal is so good it isn't available on my Online Store. To order please email: or call or text my cell at (520) 450-3270.

Product: 1 Year 1 Person Pack (#25448)

Promotion Date: 06/01/15–06/21/15
Regular Home Party Price: $1,399.99
SUPER SAVER DEAL Price: $1,105.99

With this package you'll receive a total of 123 #10 (gallon) size cans as described below.

GRAINS: 3 Cornmeal, 3 White Flour (Unbleached), 3 Whole Wheat Flour, 4 Pearled Barley, 12 Hard White Wheat, 12 White Rice, 2 Elbow Macaroni, 3 Ten Grain Pancake Mix

VEGETABLES: 8 Potato Chunks, 2 Broccoli (FD), 1 Chopped Onions (FD), 3 Carrot Dices, 7 Sweet Corn (FD)

FRUITS: 4 Apple Slices 2 Strawberry Slices (FD) 2 Raspberries (FD) 2 Banana Slices (FD)

DAIRY: 2 Chocolate Drink Mix, 8 Nonfat Powdered Milk, 4 Instant Milk, 3 Cheese Blend

PROTEINS: 2 Lentils, 2 Pinto Beans, 2 Taco TVP*, 4 Beef TVP*, 5 Chicken TVP*, 6 Whole Egg Powder

BASICS: 3 Cane Sugar, 1 Iodized Salt, 1 Vegetarian Chicken Bouillon, 1 Vegetarian Beef Bouillon

DRINKS: 2 Orchard Apple Drink Mix, 2 Orange Bliss Drink Mix, 2 Simply Peach Drink Mix

OTHER: 1 THRIVE Cookbook

*TVP: textured vegetable protein

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