Monday, February 2, 2015

Start your own Thrive Life Business - only $129!

Thrive Life has redesigned (and lowered the price!) on all of their Consultant Starter Kits! I am so excited about this change because it means more food at a lower price plus the consultant opportunity is in better reach for many of you!
If you aren't sure if being a consultant is the right choice keep reading below!

There have always been three great ways to purchase Thrive for your own groceries and pantry stockpile. As a Q customer, host and consultant. Now the choice to be a consultant just got better. As a consultant you'll enjoy all the benefits of being a Q Club customer and hostPLUS:
  • Best Product Discount - you'll receive the best price on THRIVE in our Starter Kits.
  • FREE Q Club - all consultants get free Q club membership for life!
  • Commission - you get paid on your own orders plus for sharing THRIVE with others.
  • Team Earnings - your earning potential is limitless when you build a team.

The all new Social Seller kit includes 15 pantry cans of THRIVE foods including: Strawberries, Pineapple, Sweet Corn, Brownies, Chicken Salad, Salsa and more! You'll also receive business supplies to help you get started. This is the perfect kit for those who just want to dabble a bit. If you're looking to share just a bit and get rebates on your personal puchases -- you can't go wrong with this kit for only $129!

The Business Builder kit is a newly redesigned version of our previous value starter kit. This one is packed full of over a $100 discount on THRIVE foods plus more consultant materials to really help fast track your business to success. This kit is for those who want a great deal and have a strong interest in sharing THRIVE with friends and family as they build their business. At only $259 it gives you the most bang for your buck!

The Business Builder Plus kit offers everything in the Business Builder kit PLUS you'll receive a Harvest 72" (traditional or #10). If you've ever wanted one of awesome shelving units to help organize and rotate your home store this is the kit to buy! Not only do you save on all the food but you save $85 on the shelf!! $85! Even our Black Friday deals can't beat that! The Business Builder Plus kit is available for only $439!

To see the details on all of the kit contents view the PDF here, scroll to page two.
Still have questions? I have heard many over the last two years and I've compiled a FAQ list over on this blog page. Feel free to take a peek over there or email me with any questions that you have. I am excited to help you save money on THRIVE and get started with your own Thrive Life business.

If you're ready to go and would like to purchase your consultant starter kit today follow the instructions below! Once you've signed up I'll send over an email your way with more information!

I love what I share with Thrive and how it allows me the financial and time freedom to be at home with my children and help out with our family budget.

To get started go HERE. Then choose 'Start Here'.  Log in using your Thrive Life account. If you don't have one go ahead and sign up, it's quick and simple. After that you'll read over the Consultant Agreement and choose the kit that is perfect for you.
Along the way you will need my information:
Name: Julie Buckner
Phone: (520) 450-3270
Consultant ID: 9185
Have more questions? I am here to help. Just send me an email!

p.s. Have a friend that you think would be interested or could benefit? Please SHARE this email with them!

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