Thursday, June 5, 2014

Free Shipping on Consultant Starter Kits

Have you been toying with the idea of being a consultant?

Well, June is your month! FREE shipping on our starter kits - even to Canada, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and Alaska*!!! 

Whether you are looking at Thrive Life as a full time business, as a hobby to share with family and friends or simply as a way to get a discount on your own purchases now is a great time to start. This free shipping offer packs huge savings on top of the already super value that comes with any of our three starter kits {see image below for a quick glance or click here to see all of our starter kit options}

My top pick is the Value Kit because you get about $400 worth of food alone plus business supplies and other perks for only $289.

However, if you've had your eye on one of our awesome Harvest 72 shelves (the big black ones that hold a huge amount of cans) then I'd maybe think hard about the Deluxe kit. It comes with all the savings of the value kit plus the Harvest 72 shelf and one of our awesome 2 person 72 hour kits - with those added in you still save $55 off the most discounted price you can get through a consultant and in June you'll get FREE shipping on it all with your starter kit in the continental U.S. Some serious savings!!

So what's in it for you?


  • You get all products at the most discounted price.
  • The Starter Kits are a bargain on a lot of great THRIVE foods.
  • Brand new PATH training program to guide you step by step through everything you need to know.
  • You get paid 10% commission on every single order you take outside of your Q, even your own!
  • Earn free and half off food for yourself, and your party hosts.
  • Maintain your personal Q at $50 of product per month and you stay active.
  • There are no sales quotas you have to hit.
  • Get paid commission every month for every customer you have on the Q.
  • Sell to anyone online using your own consultant web site.
  • For each consultant you sign up you make $50 the next week!
  • You can print price lists and order forms online for free.


There are only 2 requirements for being a consultant. That’s right! ONLY 2!

I love what I share as a Thrive consultant and how it has blessed my life and the lives of those around me. I would love to help you get started whichever path you decide for your new business. 

If you're ready to get started today go here or contact me and I can help out.

Following the above link, click 'Start Here'. Log in using your Thrive Life account. If you don't have one go ahead and sign up, it's quick and simple. After that you'll read over the Consultant Agreement and choose the kit that is perfect for you. {I recommend the value kit because you get SO MUCH more for just a little extra, you'll thank me I promise}.
Along the way you will need my information:
Name: Julie Buckner
Phone: (520) 450-3270
Consultant ID: 9185

Have more questions? I am here to help. Check out my Consultant Opportunity page for answers to frequently asked questions and more about my own experiences as a consultant. You can also send me an email and I'd be happy to work with you one on one.

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