Sunday, April 6, 2014

THRIVE April Specials

The April Specials offer some fantastic deals! You can see the sale flyer by clicking here.
Here are my top picks:

Beef Dices #10 Reg: $55.49 Sale: $43.79 Save $11.70
Applesauce #10 Reg. $29.69 Sale: $26.59 Save $3.10
Chicken Bouillon #10 Reg: $26.39 Sale: $23.49 Save: $2.90
Celery (FD) Reg: $26.09 Sale: $23.19 Save: $2.90
Potato Beads Reg: $13.89 Sale: $12.39 Save: $1.50
Veggie Variety Pack (PC) Reg: $100.49 Sale: $90.49 Save $10.00
Sawyer Mini 4 Pack Reg: $89.99 Sale: $85.99 Save: $4.00

Two of these deserve a special note all to themselves:

The 'Veggie Variety Pack' is one of the most popular packages ordered. It is an incredible value - even better now with $10 off - and gives a great variety. It includes 12 pantry cans, one each of the following: Broccoli (FD), Cauliflower (FD), Carrot Dices, Celery (FD), Chopped Onion (FD), Chopped Spinach (FD), Green Beans (FD), Green Peas (FD), Mixed Bell Peppers, Mushrooms (FD), Potato Chunks, Sweet Corn (FD).
Sale Price: $90.49
The Sawyer Mini 4 Pack is a powerhouse for preparing to filter water on the go. I have these in our 72 hour kits {which I am revamping this month!}. They are perfect for emergencies, camping, travel or when your local water supply is compromised. They each filter 100k gallons! You can use it as a straw straight from a water source, use the included mylar bag or screw to the top of any standard water bottle. To view a short 2 minute video on this go here.
Sale Price: $85.99
 Also, note we have had a significant price reduction on two of our popular freeze-dried fruits, Red Seedless Grapes and Sweet Cherries, over the past month.
To get these specials prices as advertised you must either email or call me directly with your order, shop at a party OR be a part of our monthly shipment program called the "Q".  Want to learn more about the Q? Go check it out here - I love it and have had one since before I was a consultant. It's a great way to stay on budget with your groceries and food storage goals. If you'd prefer to shop the specials online on your own you can still receive a discount but it just won't be as good as you see here. To shop the specials online go to my shopping page - you'll have access to these specials along with the entire product line. On a few things you may need to add them to your cart to see the final discount.
To contact me:
Julie Buckner - Independent Thrive Life Consultant
c. (520) 450-3270 e. azthrivelifestyle (at) gmail (dot) com

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