Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Savings Tips for Shopping on the Thrive Q

The very first time I learned about THRIVE it was over the phone with one of my very best friends. She was telling me about the Q program and I fell in love. Set your budget, pick out your foods and they get shipped to your door. Easy Peasy, right?! 

Building my own home store (or well stocked pantry) to pull from for both our normal menu plan plus having food put away for peace of mind all wrapped up in one easy monthly budgeted shipment. I jumped on it! We've already talked about THRIVE foods awesome quality and why they are so special. Over time I have learned a few tricks that I wish I had known in the beginning.

Start your THRIVE Q today!

I want to share these six tips with you so you can get the most bang for your buck!

1. Order the Q-Pon item each month. Each month ONE item is on sale at a significant discount (usually 25% off of retail). If you always purchase the Q-Pon item you will know that you are always getting the best price possible on that item.

2. Add the monthly specials to your Q. If you want to take advantage of the monthly specials, you can easily add them in through the sidebar of your manage Q page each month. If you don’t manage your Q each month, it will randomly select from the products you chose when you set up your Q.

3. Take advantage of shipping brackets. For example, it will cost you $10.99 whether you order $81 in product or $139. You should always try to hit as close to the top of the bracket you are in as possible. View the shipping table below:

Order Subtotal Shipping Rate
$0–$80.00 $7.99
$80.01–$140.00 $10.99
$140.01–$200.00 $14.99
$200.01­–$400.00 $20.99
$400.01+ 6% of order subtotal

4. Become a Q Club member! With a Q budget of $100 or more you are eligible for Q Club membership! You can also opt into this program on a lower budget for a one time $79.99 fee. Q Club members are eligible for some extras which you can see here. The best one is Q points! Q points (3% earned on every dollar spent) can only be redeemed on orders placed outside of your Q. When there is a large sale or a shipping discount offered, it is best to redeem your Q points on one of those orders for that month.

5. Take advantage of case pricing. Thrive Life offers most products in cases of 6 #10 cans or 10 pantry cans of the same item. If you purchase a case you will automatically save 5% off of the already discounted Q pricing.

6. Become a consultant. If you are already on the Q, that’s the only requirement for being an active consultant. You can purchase your consultant kit and get a ton of food at heavily discounted pricing. Then if you refer family and friends to Thrive you can earn commission and free food on their purchase and any that YOU make outside of your Q. Learn more about the consultant opportunity here.

If you aren't sure where to start with THRIVE I recommend our new Smart Start: Taste of Thrive

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