Thursday, April 17, 2014

Ever wonder what's so great about THRIVE foods?

Yesterday I shared about Thrive's new Smart Start: Taste of Thrive. If you didn't already see that you will want to take a look. Today I'm back and sharing about the new website design over on Thrive Life - you're gonna love it! Clean lines, simplicity and a page fully dedicated to sharing all the benefits to Thrive - it's called WHY THRIVE

Have you been wondering what's so great about THRIVE foods? 

The answer depends on what’s important to you. If you’re a health nut, it’s the fresh taste, high quality standards, and natural health of our foods. If you’re looking to get a quick, nutritious, and tasty meal on the table it’s the convenience and versatility we offer. No matter what part of mealtime’s most important to you, THRIVE has something great to offer. Take a look at just a few of the reasons our foods bring smiles to the dinner table, and discover what you’ll gain when you choose THRIVE.

Go check out the new page, click around, watch some of the videos featured of some real people and their experience. These are two of my favorites: 

Do you have a busy family? Me too! And so does Jamie... Find out how THRIVE helps her keep her busy family eating healthy in less time!

                   WATCH HERE

It’s obvious that eating THRIVE is better for you than chowing down on processed or fast food. But have you thought about how THRIVE stacks up against the grocery store? See why this farm girl loves THRIVE and her thoughts on why we are the most healthy choice!
                  WATCH HERE

See why I was so excited to share?! Over the past several months I have really come to realize what I have in THRIVE. I am a big advocate of preparedness and food storage and that isn't changing. For me though I have truly come to understand that THRIVE foods are more than just food storage that is yummy enough to eat and rotate.It is food. Simply, real, healthy-good for my family food. I have a busy family and want to do the best for them. Thrive allows me to provide nutritious snacks and meals for them as well as freeing up more of my time so I can spend it with my kids and not stuck in the kitchen. 

Are you in Arizona and would like to host or attend a freeze-dried cooking class? You'll have the opportunity to see and taste just what Thrive Life is all about and earn some free groceries, if you're interested send a request my way over here.

I invite each of you to take a look at our monthly shipment program, the Q, and see how it can help make your life easier by bringing THRIVE groceries to your door. Click here and select the blue 'Add to Q' option or email me and I can help get you set up and started with our new Taste of Thrive.

Thank you for peaking around my blog and allowing me the opportunity to be your consultant. I value your time and hope that I have earned your trust. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you with your grocery and preparedness needs. Stay awhile and check out my popular posts {see side bar} and the recipes hiding around the corner.

Oh, and I'm always looking for individuals who love THRIVE and are interested in sharing it as a consultant. Take a look at my join my team page and see what that's all about.

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