Monday, March 10, 2014

The house that Thrive built...

Some time ago I remember reading a post by another Thrive Life consultant all about their beautiful home that they had built using her income as a Thrive Life consultant. It was inspiring. When anyone starts their own business they do so with some dreams about what that business can bring them. It isn't all financial but many things in life come through financial means. Someday I'd love to be in a position that I can say because of my work with Thrive we've paid off our mortgage early, built a dream home and more. For now the ways that my business blesses my family are smaller but stilll make a big impact. I'm able to pay for my adorable 4 year olds to go to preschool. I'm able to pay for our monthly Q shipment and not have that expense come out of our monthly grocery budget. I am able to save up for special Disney vacation trips to surprise my oldest son (shhh! It's a secret... we're going in May!). I'm also able to help my family pay for gifts for our children. At Christmas time I was able to almost completely cover all of the gifts we gave them and our family.

This week it was my cute twins 2nd birthday. My husband and I had bought each of them something small and the rest of the birthday budget had gone into purchasing decorations, a pinata, candy, cake and the food. I wanted to do something more for them and had been debating on purchasing a play house for our backyard. We live in Arizona which means our summer's are very hot but right now and for a good seven months a year the weather is very mild and it is beautiful to play outside. I knew it was an investment but I wanted them to have this play house. Without my Thrive business I wouldn't have been able to pay for or justify the expense. I found a fantastic deal and even with ordering online just the day before their party it arrived on time!

All of my little ones love playing with the house {the babies were napping when I snapped this picture of it so just the big boys were out having fun}. It may not be a full custom dream home that we all live in - but to these kids it might as well be.

I love what I do as a Thrive Life consultant. I share something that everyone needs (food) and that everyone loves (food). I help people be better prepared for both the everyday emergencies and the ones that are a little more scary.

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