Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pantry Organization + Grocery List Printable

I am here to share my tips on freshening up your pantry organization!

Confession: These "before" images were not staged. My pantry seriously looked that awful and cluttered. Being busy with my home and having five little "helpers" has taken its toll on my once fairly organized pantry.

Okay, maybe I am alone in this but because I can shut the door to my pantry it tends to be a "catch-all" when I am clearing off my counters for dinner guests and family parties. Stack of junk here and another half-filled box there. I always promise myself I would go through it someday. Well, the day of reckoning has come. On top of all the miscellaneous clutter I was also housing some craft supplies, birthday party decorations and kid craft projects in some bins. Each time I'd go fishing for a box of crayons or yellow crepe paper I'd haul it all out find what I needed and dump it back in the corner. Let's not talk about all the duplicates I've bought because I didn't think I had what I needed. I decided to re-home all of my and the kids craft supplies and decorations to our loft. I also moved some food storage buckets to a storage area under our stairs since I am not using them right now.

No one likes to waste money but the truth is this is one huge area that we do it - expired foods. I try to go through my pantry at least twice each year. Anything that is expired should go in the trash. Anything that is not expired but you know your family won't use soon either donate to your local food bank or share with family and friends. I love to use coupons. I get crazy good deals! The only bad part about some of these foods I get for very little or free is that they have a short shelf life. Make the most of all your hard work deal hunting by rotating through your foods. I love my Cansolidator organizers I picked up from Thrive Life because they make rotating easy-peasy. They connect together and can stack, making them perfect for any project.

Take everything out of your pantry and give your shelves, the walls and your floors a good scrub. How often do you wash the walls in your pantry? Yep, not me either. Since you're going through all this trouble making it an organizer’s dream might as well spend an extra 30 minutes where it counts.

If you’ve got the space consider adding in a couple extra shelves or purchasing a free standing shelf or organizing baskets. Hunt around your house for little totes and baskets that you can repurpose in your pantry. This project doesn’t need to mean a lot of money. Use your crafty skills and cover boxes with cute fabric or hit up your local dollar store for inexpensive options

Now that you have your space cleaned out and all your organizers set its time to load it all back in. Put those organizers to use and separate out your Seasoning Mixes, Pudding Mixes, Canning Supplies, and so on. Prepare a snack caddy so your kids can help themselves. Get some great clear air-tight organizers like these that I have for rice, oats and beans. You can make up ones for pasta, cereal and so on too. Make your own labels or check out Etsy for vinyl options. And last when you’re loading it up try keeping like items together – all your baking supplies in one spot, cereal in another, pasta, and so on.  It'll make it so much easier when you go hunting for ingredients for your meals and when you are putting things away after shopping.

A lot of this has already been accomplished simply by organizing your foods, cleaning up your space and investing in a few simple organizer bins. My pantry also had this huge blank wall. I knew I wanted to take advantage of that space. I purchased a cute vinyl saying from a shop on Etsy that fit my space well. You can also check out what Uppercase Living has to offer. I just ordered a saying for my office and kids bathroom last week! I also got a little crafty and actually did one of the projects I had pinned on Pinterest - a super cute cork board. {Tell, me I am not the only one guilty of pinning and forgetting?!} I spray painted a frame I already had and distressed it a bit. I popped in a cork board that I purchased at Michaels for around $6 on sale. Next up I wanted to post my grocery shopping list and our food storage inventory where I could see it. I am constantly working on building and rotating through our 3 month food supply which comes mainly from grocery stores as well as our long term food storage. This list helps me work on both and stay within our budget. Now when I know I am running low on an item I don’t have to try and remember it when I am at the store or hunt down my elusive grocery list on a back of some envelope. I just add it to my handy grocery list!

And here is the finished project! I am so excited to have this super organized space that makes me want to make homemade meals! I also have my grocery printable available for you to download in four colors: Coral, Grey, Straw and Turquoise. ENJOY!

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  1. You did a great job! I have to do the same! Thank you for sharing! I think I will take advantage of your tips!