Friday, February 14, 2014

Baby Blankets for Kenya

A big reason why I love being a part of Thrive Life is that this company and it's leaders have big hearts and are passionate about helping create a better life for others. We have a Thriving Nations charity to which 5% of our net profits are donated each year. This charity helps communities and families around the world become more self reliant. Recent projects have been in Kenya, Ecuador and Peru.

Last May the founders and their wives traveled to Kenya to help with our efforts there in teaching about nutrition, self reliant agriculture and more. You can read about their experiences by visiting the Thrive Life blog, just scroll to the bottom of the page. I especially loved this video about their visit and how we can all be a part of this work.

In April during our Thrive Life convention in Salt Lake City, Utah we will be participating in a service project creating baby blankets for families in Kenya. During their visit last year Lindsay Budge and Amy Palmer had brought many with them to share with the local clinic. They ran out all too quick. Our goal is to create thousands to send this year. Lindsay and Amy have shared: 

"Providing the medical clinics there with clean baby blankets to hand out to families is vital because it encourages mothers to go there to have their children, allowing them to have proper medical care for their newborns and greatly reducing the infant mortality rate."

There are several ways that you can help out. Please look below and contact me if you're interested. The service project will be held on April 10th and is open to everyone! Sign up to volunteer by going here

Ways you can help:

Donate fleece - we need thin fleece material at least 36" x 36" and lots of it. If you live near the Casa Grande, Arizona area I can pick up your donation or you can mail it to our corporate office at Thriving Nations Service Project c/o Thrive Life, 691 South Auto Mall Drive, American Fork, UT 84003. If you would prefer to make blankets on your own and donate those please email me and I will give you more details.

Make a donation to this project by clicking here.

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