Thursday, December 5, 2013

One Year THRIVE Anniversary & a GIVEAWAY: Kindle Cook Cup Kit

Yep, folks it's been a year. I can hardly believe it either. I am so excited to be working hard with my business and to see how it is blessing both my family and yours. I think one of the top reasons I love what I do so much is that I am in the business of helping others becoming prepared. It's a feel good thing and it falls in perfect line with who I am as a person. I have a soft spot for the spirit of giving and helping others.

I also love a good giveaway. It's kind of the same right? I've won three ever: An awesome adoption book. Some adorable boutique clothes for my kiddos. And a diamond necklace. No joke - DIAMONDS!

Well, I don't have any of those laying around to give away today but I do want to help you get a little more prepared. I'll be giving away one Kindle Cook Cup Kit to one lucky person! You can check out  this awesome prize here. {And I promise if you can't help but order it now cause it's a screaming good deal... and end up winning... I'll refund you!}. The Kindle Cook series are awesome. We're getting three of the Cook kits for our 72 hour kits. Hello, powerless and easy cooking! From the website:

The Kindle Cook is a flameless cooking system that will cook, heat, and Sterilize without a flame. With the technology of the MRE flameless heater you will never need a flame to heat up a drink or cook a hot meal. The cooking temperature will reach 208 degrees with an average cooking temp of 203 degrees. With in 15 minutes you will have a nice warm meal ready to serve. The Kindle Cook Cup Kit comes with two Small Flameless Heater Pouches, along with a 450ML (just under 2 cups) cup for heating up any beverage.

Also a quick announcement about Thrive's amazing hostess perk for my December and January hosts: Free dehydrated THRIVE Minced Garlic! Yep, you can't even buy it. To see all the details on this exclusive product opportunity and to book your party check out the promotion page here. Hurry! Parties must be booked this month!

Now onto the fabulous giveaway...

Oh, and remember sharing is caring. Be sure to let all your friends know about this giveaway so they can enter to win too!

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Giveaway Ends: Monday, December 9 @ 12:00 AM. (Mountain Time). The winner will be chosen using the Rafflecopter widget. The winner will be announced on the widget and will be emailed to claim their prize. The winner will have 48 hours to respond to my email to claim their prize.

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  • This giveaway is sponsored by (me) Julie Buckner. I will be providing the prize.

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  1. Julie that is so interesting you are giving away a kindle cook, I was just thinking about how they make such a way to cook during a winter emergency. A couple of years ago we had a huge winter storm, and the power was out for a couple of day. All kinds of people brought outdoor BBQ grills inside to cook on. We had huge problems with carbon monoxide poisoning. A fame less heater like the kindle cook would be perfect for a winter storm situation. No carbon monoxide but you still get to eat hot food. Perfect.