Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The day THRIVE saved my Pie Crust...

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, can you believe it? Well, I can. I am hungry for the yummy food and some great quality family time.

Since you're probably busy working on all your preparations for the big day I thought I'd share a quick story about my new love for Thrive Shortening Powder. This SAVED me in a pinch and actually happened by chance (remember, the pinch). I had bought some yummy apples for a pie and then waited a week or so before finally getting around to making it late one afternoon. I get out my flour, salt and go searching in the fridge for the Shortening I knew I had.... and found it. Well, half of it anyway. What am I going to do?!

{dramatic music....}

THRIVE to the rescue!

{Okay, I officially watch too many super hero shows with my preschoolers....}

I went to my pantry and found a can of Thrive Shortening Powder. My recipe called for 2/3 cup shortening. I had 1/3 cup fresh so all I needed was one more 1/3 cup. And you never thought those fractions in grade school would come in handy!

So I mixed up 1/3 cup powder with just a few tablespoons of water until I had the right consistency and BAM! Shortening. I mixed all the shortening together and then blended it up with my flour and salt until I had the desired pea-size pieces and I carried on my way.

That simple. What could have been a dramatic crisis. Stop, wait... you don't think that this is dramatic? Have you ever promised 5 frenzied children pie and then not delivered it? Yeah, I didn't want to find out what would happen either.

And we all lived happily ever after.

Oh did I mention this was my first pie crust ever. (So no judging!)

{And you'll need to pardon my not so fabulous photos... my camera battery was dead and my cell phone got to capture the magic}

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