Saturday, October 5, 2013

{Forever Friday} New Book for Foster Parents

When we started our foster journey in 2009 I knew a handful of people that were foster parents and none of them lived near us. I enjoyed the classes we were required to take to become licensed and connecting with the other families taking them at the same time as us. We were a diverse group who were there for many reasons. Some, like us, were looking to adopt someday while others just wanted to provide a safe, temporary home to children in need. We even had several families who were doing kinship care for their nieces/nephews/grandchildren. It was great. When our classes ended it took a few months for our license to get together as we finished the last of our classes. I didn't keep in touch with many of the people who attended our class which I regret. We had many children come into our home and leave. While I had a great support network with my friends, family and Church members I didn't have anyone who really understood my life as a foster parent. It was a roller coaster for sure and I desperately wanted someone who could relate to me and share their experiences.

This new book Welcome to the Roller Coaster promises to be that for us. How awesome!

I first heard of the book over on Mama Foster's blog which I have read for years. You can learn more from the Facebook page she and the other authors have put together over here. With permission I am sharing a few excerpts they have posted on that page. The book has not been released yet but it is set to be published this fall. I cannot wait to get my copy... or five. I want to give them to every person I know who is fostering or looking to foster.

About the Authors:

While we ultimately hope to remain anonymous, we thought we'd share a little bit about ourselves. "Welcome to the Roller Coaster" was written by 14 foster moms who have fostered a combined total of 133 children. 19 of those children have been adopted by us, and an additional 13 of those children are hopeful or soon-to-be adopted as well. With over 50 years of combined experience, we have seen enough to know that no two journeys on this foster care roller coaster are the same. Each one is special, and every story is worth sharing. This book has been a labor of love for each of us, and we hope that our stories touch each of you as well.


"Week after week went by and no family came forward for him. The county workers put the adoption bug in our ear, and we had high hopes of adopting this sweet baby boy. Three months after he was placed with us the worker called to tell us that his maternal grandmother wanted a visit. As I drove to the county building for his visit with Grandma I prayed that God would sustain me and give me the peace I so desperately needed." 

"God has been so faithful to us. I look back now and think that if we had adopted Colby or Rose or any or the other babies earlier in our journey, we would have missed out on the amazing little boy that Sprout is. I would have also missed out on the lesson that God was trying to teach me - life is not always about me and what I want. I have always related my journey through foster care back to a story I once heard:

While at the beach a mother and her daughter saw hundreds of starfish wash ashore. The little girl scrambled as she tried to throw them all back into the water one at a time so they would not die. "Don't bother dear," the mother said, "it will not make a difference because you will never be able to save all of them." As the little girl listened to what her mother said, she looked into her hand. She threw the starfish into the water and said, “It will make a difference to this one."

God sent each one of those tiny “starfish” to us before Sprout to be loved and cared for until the families He had for them were ready. God wants us to be faithful in what He calls us to do. Every day as I watch this little boy grow and learn, I am reminded of how faithful God is. We are truly blessed." 

"Making the decision to become a foster parent is much like deciding to ride on a roller coaster. We wait with baited breath for the call that will change our lives. We face our fears of loss and inadequacy head-on. We struggle to deal with a broken system, and sometimes wonder why chose to foster at all. We rejoice as we watch our children achieve milestones that no one ever expected them to reach, and we grieve as we hold our children and attempt to comfort them through their pain. Despite the ups and downs, we look at our children and know without a doubt that this particular roller coaster is most definitely worth the ride."

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  1. Can't wait to get the book - many of these sound SO familiar!!