Monday, September 23, 2013

Prepper 101: Starting From Scratch

You are in for a big treat this week! My friend Kirsten is here guest posting with a complete 101 course on starting your preps from square one. She is what I will call an urban prepper. She breaks the process down into four steps which will have you off to a great start. Come back each day this week for more tips!

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Now onto your first beginner Prepper Class from Kirsten!

When the day came that I realized I wanted to start prepping, I felt completely overwhelmed. There was so much to worry about, and it seemed like it was going to cost a LOT of money! No matter what gets you started, once the urge is there, it’s urgent. For me it was two television shows that had been on for a few years but I had never watched: Doomsday Preppers and The Walking Dead. Watching episodes (and getting totally hooked) got my husband and I talking about what we would do given certain survival scenarios. This is when the panic began to set it. We didn’t have a compound bow to hunt squirrels with. We didn’t have months (or years) of food and water stored. We didn’t have the ability or supplies to stitch someone’s wound up if there wasn’t a hospital to go to. We decided it was time.

If you’ve ever seen Doomsday Preppers, the subjects of each episode usually have a specific doomsday scenario that they are preparing for. We do not live near a super volcano, in an area likely to flood any time soon, or in the center of a major city. We are mostly just preparing for life. For the day that I hope never comes, but if it does I at least have hope that we will survive.

To start prepping completely from scratch, I suggest that you throw all of those crazy doomsday scenarios out the window. Erase them from your mind, because if you’re anything like me they will just make you crazy with worry. Instead, prepare for this: All of your money is suddenly gone and you must survive for one month. Your home is still habitable as a protective structure but you will have no power or running water. There are a lot of ways to prep. No one way is right for everyone. I will share what worked for us, which will give you a starting point and you can make changes based on your family’s specific needs and wants.

This will be a time when you define your family’s “needs” and “wants”. When prepping it becomes very apparent what we need to live and what we want. There are three basic needs which branch out into more detailed needs, each of which is arguable past the first three: water, food, shelter. When you begin prepping, and you are starting from scratch, you prep for needs. Wants come later when you have a good base of your needs. At that point, to my Star Wars fan friends I would say “Let the fourth be with you”. Find your fourth need (which I believe is different for each person/family) and prep for that. My family’s fourth is medical knowledge, training, and supplies. My husband and I are both EMT’s so that is what comes naturally for us and it was easy for us to prep in that area and feel confident.

The pressure to do as much as you can as quickly as you can is very real, and can be stressful if you let it run you over. The most important thing to remember is that, just like exercise, doing something is better than doing nothing. Once you get started you will gain momentum. It’s not all about doing as much as you can as quickly as you can. It’s just about doing it.

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  1. great basic tips on "mind set" for prepping (not doomsday!) THANKS