Saturday, September 28, 2013

Monthly Meal Planning - The Big Trip

I'm exhausted! Today has been a long day and it isn't just because of all my shopping - and really that part didn't take that long. It's amazing how quickly shopping can go when you have a list and follow it strictly. Still as I strolled through Sam's Club loading up my cart I was worried that I wouldn't make the cut. I had done the math but I never do well with how much the tax will end up... 

{{ Now keep in mind, my big shopping trip is not as much as yours may be... or it might be more. It's based on what our family needs. I already have a lot of my staples in my home along with freeze dried produce, etc that I am able to use. I'm sharing what I am doing this month to give myself some accountability and show you what we're up to }}

I'm happy to report I came in under budget! I may or may not have done a little happy dance and shouted 'Yipee!' at the register!

Sam's Club Budgeted: $230.00  Spent: $227.14

Okay, barely under budget, however it still is a win for me. 

What I bought:
Half Sheet Cake: $17.63
Hot Dogs 40 ct.: $5.58
Yoplait: $1.98
Kraft Cheese Slices: $6.48
2 Bags of Lays Chips: $5.98
Red Solo Cups: $9.77
Shredded Romaine Salad: $2.67
Tortilla Chips: 3.48
2 Cases Hamburger Patties: $24.98 each
Hot Dog Buns: $2.58
Nesquik: $6.25
Hamburger buns: $2.58
Med Tortillas: $3.92
Clementine Cuties: $7.32
Garbage Bags: $11.96
Mayo: $7.28
Large Tortillas: $4.98
Ground Beef: $16.39
Ground Beef: $15.76
B/S Chicken Breasts: $13.79
Chicken Drumsticks: $8.67
Chicken Drumsticks: $8.09
Next up, the grocery store. 

 Grocery Store Budgeted: $25.00  Spent: $25.13

What I bought:
4 2 Liters Soda: $5.00
Plastic Tablecloths:1.68
Napkins: $1.69
Cascade: $4.37
1 gallon Whole Milk: $2.50
Comet: .99
2 pints Ice Cream $2.00
Sour Cream: $1.50
Red Potatoes: $1.85
Yogurt: $2.49

This time I was .13 cents over budget. I know, I know... big spender. However, I still averaged being under budget between my two trips!

Next time I will take pictures to show you what I got instead of listing it all out. My menu for the week is planned out. Come back Monday to see what it is! Hope you're all having a great weekend :)

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