Saturday, August 31, 2013

What's your Preparedness Motto?

September is National Preparedness Month! Are you excited? Okay, maybe I am the only one who is getting excited about it but the truth is I hope everyone is at least taking the beginning steps to be prepared.
Is this your preparedness motto?
If it is then hopefully we can get you started this month on making a better plan!
All September long I will be sharing a post every day! Check back often! I have several guest bloggers lined up for you, a couple fun giveaways, recipes I've been cooking using my food storage and lots of tips! If you haven't already sign up for my newsletter here.
I love that FEMA is trying a humorous, relatable approach to help more Americans start thinking of preparedness with their Ready Campaign. Have you read this article over on CNN? "Your family's emergency kit is probably a disaster" Check it out along with a couple sneak peaks at the new campaign commercials. Comment below with your favorite line! Mine is when the dad is taking assignments and his son volunteers to pack the dead batteries. LOL!

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