Friday, August 2, 2013

{Recipe} Simple, Delicious Scrambled Eggs & Sausage... using your food storage!

Okay, okay... it's not exactly a recipe. It's eggs and sausage and how complicated can that be really? It's not. I just wanted to show you one of my family's THRIVE favorites! 

A few times a week I'll mix in sausage crumbles with eggs {my kids eat eggs every. single. day.} to add variety. They love it and come running to the table shouting "SAUSAGE EGGS!" Most days we enjoy fresh eggs from either the grocery store or our awesome friend Crystal who has her own little farm complete with goats and chickens. The farm fresh eggs are our favorites and someday I hope to have a place with a little more space so we can raise our chickens! The truth is though that sometimes we run out of fresh eggs and I'd hate to ruin the 'Sausage Egg' fun... enter Thrive's Scrambled Egg Mix. It seriously saves me from panic on those mornings when I realize I have no eggs (or two eggs... and 5 kids to feed). They are super easy to whip up and my kids love them. 

And of course, our breakfast wouldn't be complete without the Sausage. It is a treat for them to have it mixed in with their eggs. We don't typically have bacon or sausage for breakfast so a little mixed in makes them happy. And by a little I really mean it! I only use 1/4 cup with 5-6 fresh eggs for my kids. The Thrive Freeze Dried Sausage Crumbles have a 25 year shelf life unopened and 1 year once you open it up. They are yummy! You don't have to save them just for breakfast either. You can throw them in with Taco Soup, Lasagna, Pizza toppings and more! 

Best news for both the Sausage Crumbles and Scrambled Egg Mix? They are on sale this month! Yep, all of the August Specials are amazing and these two will not disappoint you! If you are interested in getting any of the August Specials add them to your Q shipment or start your Q by following this link. You can also contact me at to order!

On to the recipe!

For our Scrambled Egg Mix it's a 2 to 3 ratio. So 2 Tablespoons Powder to 3 Tablespoons water equals one scrambled egg. I made up 5 eggs so I did 10 Tablespoons Scrambled Egg Mix.

Then added 15 Tablespoons of water and mixed up.

I added the eggs to a lightly PAM sprayed pan. I always add a little milk but you don't have to. In a separate small sauce pan I mix up my 1/4 cup Sausage Crumbles with 1/8 Cup water on high heat. This is just to re-hydrate them in a hurry. You could let stand on the counter and drain off any excess water. Each can has preparation directions on it. Easy peasy. Once the Sausage Crumbles are ready and all the water has cooked off I add them in with my egg mix. Salt and pepper to taste. Mix up the eggs and cook thoroughly how you normally would eggs.

And the result? Yummy, delicious breakfast!

This is food storage people! You can tuck this stuff away for a rainy day or cook with it more often so you are comfortable cooking with it and know what your family loves. I love that I saved myself from a trip to the store and a meltdown from my kids! And yes, you can totally add in veggies (fresh, dehydrated or freeze dried) to make an omelet!! Cooking outdoors at a camp out just got easier and more delicious!

oh and just to show we really do love the Sausage Crumbles... this is the current state of our #10 can! Almost gone! SO grateful that they are on sale!