Friday, August 9, 2013

{Forever Friday} Chase's Adoption Big Day!

If you're following me over on the Our Thrive Life Facebook page then you've already had a sneak peak at our Adoption Day photos!

The day was very, very busy and a little more hectic than even we had thought but at the end of it all - he's legally ours! Then later that week were able to have him sealed to us in the Mesa Arizona Temple. Not sure what that means? Go here to learn more why I believe families are so important. The long story short - we want a *forever* family and Chase is now a part of it.

This little cutie has been melting our hearts since he was just two days old. If you aren't familiar with his story you can read some more here and here. Long story short is that he is half biological siblings with our other adopted son, Kyson. He was placed with us as a foster child and as of last Monday he is legally ours! No more case workers, social workers and court dates. Just ours to grow up as normal as possibly in our crazy kid filled home.

And as wonderful as it will be done with all of those things... it also leaves me a little perplexed. It dawned on me yesterday... I am not a foster parent anymore. See, we closed our foster license on the day after his adoption was final and given with how many little ones we have in our home I'm sure you understand why. However, it's strange after so many years having such a big part of your life stop. We started with our foster parent training when our oldest biological son was only a few months old. I sat in the back of classes nursing him. Foster care is all he has ever known. He's four now. We have five children now. Two adopted and three biological. I am certainly not saying we will never foster again. I am not saying we won't have any more biological children either. It just seems strange to move forward from foster care. I still feel like it is very much a part of me. I hope that I am able to give voice the the children who are in need of foster homes. I hope that I am able to inspire you or maybe someone you forward one of my {Forever Friday} posts to become a foster or adoptive parent. 

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