Wednesday, August 14, 2013

{Forever Friday} Become A Foster Parent

Okay, it's not Friday... but I still wanted to share a post on foster care adoption. I have been moved by the campaign on Facebook highlighting little ones that used to be foster children. 

I am so grateful that my husband I left our fears behind us and started down the road of foster care. All the reasons not to were there. We had just had our first biological child. We had our hands full and things were going just as we had hoped. Little did we know as we sat in one of our foster care education classes that our son Kyson was being born just an hour away. He wouldn't join our family then. It took fifteen months before he was placed with us. His placement came after several others that nearly tore our hearts out and trampled them. For some reason we felt strongly that we needed to put our names back on our agency placement waiting list. Four days later we got the phone call for Kyson. Two years and a few months later we received another phone call. His biological brother had been born and was starting out his new life in foster care. Kyson's adoption had been finalized and we had just welcomed our own biological twins months earlier. Would we take the new baby? Yes. 

They are brothers. They always will be.

So grateful for the way that our forever family was built. It certainly did not happen the way that we had planned. Fortunately it was in the hands of a God who is much mightier than we are and who humbled us to know that His will is far better than our own.

#everychilddeserveslove #makeadifference #beafosterparent

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  1. Your story is pretty amazing! Thanks for sharing it.