Monday, August 19, 2013

Become a Thrive Life Consultant

I know I share a lot about Thrive Life and their products. It's no secret that I am an Independent Consultant, but what I hope isn't a secret is that you can be too! 

Before I was a consultant with Thrive Life I never had done any sort of direct sales or other party companies. I had been searching for something that I could do from home that would help out with our family finances and that I would enjoy. I looked at several other companies and I never felt like any of them were the right fit. I needed to choose a company that I believed in the product and that I knew everyone would love and need.

My friend Liz introduced me to Thrive Life and the rest as they say is history! It wasn't actually that simple. I hosted a catalog party and shared about it online and with my family. Reading the information on the Q program which makes building your Home Store and food storage not only affordable but almost effortless blew me away. There was nothing else like this out there. I knew then that I wanted to make the jump into being a Consultant. It took me several months to work up the courage and save for the Starter Kit.

I am so grateful that I did! I wish I hadn't waited those few months.

The truth is whether you want to do this as a full-time or part-time business, as a way to share about preparedness with friends and family or just get extra discounts on the products you love - Thrive Life is a great choice. 

So here are some of my answers to common questions I am asked about Consulting.

How much does it cost?

Consultant Starter Kits start at $199 for the Basic Kit, $289 for the Value Kit and $579 for the Deluxe Kit. There is incredible value in all of these kits. You are getting A LOT of food at a discount, a THRIVE Cookbook, Apron, business supplies, Q Club membership free and the opportunity to earn discounts and income!

Based on the current Fall Home Party Price List:

The value of the FOOD Alone in the Basic Kit priced at $199 is $140.37 retail and $111.27 at the discounted Party Prices. Plus you are getting business supplies, cookbook, apron and more!

Want an even better deal? The value of the FOOD Alone in the Value Starter Kit priced at $289 is:

Retail: $505.65
Party Price: $417.95

Savings of $128.95 on JUST the food! Plus you get all the business supplies, cookbook, apron and more!

Yep, AMAZING! And if you can't stand all the savings and want to pile them on then check out the Deluxe Starter Kit. This jam packed kit contains everything in the Value Starter Kit plus a Harvest 72" Shelf and 2 Person Survival Pack. The value of FOOD and PRODUCT alone in this kit retails for $1125.64 and at the discounted party price would be $761.33. If you purchase it all together as your Deluxe Starter Kit it is $579. A savings of $182.33!

See the full Starter Kit information over on my Join My Team page.

Are there any sales requirements?

No. There are not any minimum sales requirements ever. The only requirement is to have a $50 Q shipment before tax and ship each month to be eligible for commission. Reallocating the $50 from your current grocery store budget easily covers this cost. Thrive foods are delicious and my personal Q budget is $100+/month.

How do I earn commission?
You earn income in two ways: Party Sales and Q Sales.

Consultant's also receive Q Club membership for free - for life! 

Do I have to sign up other people?

No. Building a team may not be an interest of yours and that is totally fine. Having a team makes it more fun because you build friendships and have a support team to go to. I love being able to share about Thrive with my friends and family and help others become more self reliant. I also love that I am able to help my team members share these same things and earn an income of their own. Some of my best friends are a part of my Our Thrive Life team!

What about support? After I buy my kit does the company help? Do you?

The company, Thrive Life, manages the operational issues and provide all the needed materials. The Customer Service staff is amazing and they can also assist! Thrive Life also developed a new innovative training system called the PATH. It is amazing! It takes what the top leaders in the company have done to be successful and teaches you their approach. It helps you to not only work harder but smarter. 

As your enroller I will be here for you every step of the way. I am very available and check my email multiple times a day. I do training by phone and in person for consultants in my area. I have a network of other consultants that I can connect you with in addition to my own group on Facebook for my team. I can help you plan out parties, problem solve and grow your business in the direction that is right for you. Most of all I want to help cheer you on in developing your own thriving life with the company. 

So what's next? How do I sign up?

If you're ready to get started today go here or contact me and I can help out.

Following the above link, click 'Start Here'. Log in using your Thrive Life account. If you don't have one go ahead and sign up, it's quick and simple. After that you'll read over the Consultant Agreement and choose the kit that is perfect for you. {I recommend the value kit because you get SO MUCH more for just a little extra, you'll thank me I promise}.
Along the way you will need my information:
Name: Julie Buckner
Phone: (520) 450-3270
Consultant ID: 9185

Have more questions? I am here to help. Just send me an email!

As an added bonus this month I am personally offering a promotion for everyone who joins my Thrive Life team! 

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