Friday, July 12, 2013

{Forever Friday} Have you heard of Matching Mondays?

I have been reading along with countless others over the years at Another Small Adventure and The R House. These amazing ladies are both strong voices in the Adoption Community! They have teamed up to share the stories of children in foster care who are waiting for their own forever family. With permission they share a few profiles each week hoping to bring more attention to these beautiful children and their hope for a family of their own. I love what Brenda says on her Another Small Adventure blog:
"This project may not have much effect on the number of children waiting but I do hope it at least changes hearts and helps educate all of us."
I have that same hope for you! Please go check out the Another Small Adventure: Matching Mondays home page and see all the Matching Monday's post from Lindsey at The R House here. Share the news by maybe putting a little link button on your own blog.

Check out this past Monday's post and read all about Jordan, age 9.

 Also, don't forget to check out this week's Foster Friday Panel over at I Must Be Trippin'! I am one of the contributors for this week's topic 'Letters'. Check out my letter to my first foster baby, Allie, when she left our home.

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  1. Awe Julie!!! I could just hug you!!! What a sweet post!!! Thank you for supporting MM!! It means so much to me!!!
    Hope you have an awesome weekend!!!
    :) Brenda