Friday, June 28, 2013

{Forever Friday} First Birthday & Some News

I can hardly believe that a year ago our youngest little one entered the world. The past year has seemed so long and yet gone by so quick all at the same time. I still remember the phone call from our local CPS notifying us that he had been born. They were looking to place him in foster care and since we had adopted Kyson, his biological half brother, we were considered first. We said 'yes' and the rest as they say is history.

His case plan started out with reunification as the goal. However, we knew that we had brought him home to stay. The name his birth family chose for him is not something we liked at all. Since we hadn't really prepared for him we did not have any baby boy names picked out - boy names are so hard for us! So for the first several weeks of his life we called him Bubba. Maybe someday he'll forgive us! haha One day we were discussing name options and Chase just stood out to us. We only narrowed down his middle name, William, in the past month.
Earlier this Spring his birth mother made a courageous choice to consent to his adoption. She surrendered her parental rights conditional that we would adopt. The state was already taking action to schedule a trial for termination, however, with her consent rights were terminated quickly for both parents. This enabled us to file for his adoption sooner than we expected and as a result...
we have our adoption finalization date!
July 29th our little man will be officially added to our family!

We are so very, very excited!


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  1. GOOSE BUMPS! I'm so happy for you guys! What a beautiful story, as always.