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DIY: How to Build Your Own Water Storage Platform

So what I had planned to be a step by step tutorial ends up being a pretty simple before and after picture of some supplies :) Ta-da! It's that easy! Or so my husband {ie free labor} tells me.
But more on that in a bit.
Why do you need a platform for your water containers?
I had no idea either as I started out on my quest to help my family be better prepared. I first read about it in The Survival Mom book just days before my first water container arrived at my home.

When my 55 gallon Water Supply Kit arrived it included a directions sheet. Along with usage instructions for the Aquamira Water Treatment that comes included with the kit Thrive Life offers Tips for the water storage systems and creating a barrier/platform for the water container was on the list. It reads: "It's recommended to store containers with a non-porous insulation barrier between a concrete floor and the container. This barrier could be wood or some kind of shelving to create separation, avoiding any absorption of chemicals located on or in the concrete floors." {emphasis added}


Side note, the fun not-so-little boxes these come in make excellent forts/houses/cardboard slides/ramps :)
 My guys had tons of fun!

So here's the DIY instructions. Don't blink or you might miss them ;)
So my top tips for YOU are to find some wood pallets {Pinterest is aflutter with tons of crafts and home DIY projects for them too! so grab a couple extra if you're feeling creative} OR if you are short on time and happen to already have some wood in your garage - make your own for semi-free! We had one long 2" x 4" board. My husband measured the water container and then cut two short lengths and two long lengths accordingly on his table saw.
Here are the pieces on top of the barrel. I am sure you could cut 45 degree angles at the corners and piece them together that way as well - but we went for simplicity and not beauty since they'll soon be under a nearly 400 pound container full of water. He then took some 2" wood screws he purchased for a few dollars at a hardware store and put it together.
Ta-da! Finished project! As you can see we've purchased a second water barrel so we need another wood platform before we fill our second barrel.

Why do I have two barrels?
Each barrel can hold 55 gallons of water and it is recommended that you store a minimum of 1 gallon of water per person per day for two weeks. We have 7 people in our family so we need a total 98 gallons of water to meet the minimum. As for other water storage and filtration methods we have: a swimming pool {which could be used for cleaning, bathing, etc.), Sawyer Point Zero Two Bucket Filter and several Seychelle Water Filtration Bottles as a part of our Family Emergency Kits.

Now for three {Super Saver Deals} involving Water Storage!
(I know! It's kind of like a mini-Christmas!!)

{Super Saver Deal} #1 -- 55 Gallon Water Kit
This kit is a little different than the one I received and have pictures posted of above. This deal has different features that offer a BIG value!

1 - 55 Gallon Water Container
1 - Bung Wrench
1 - Water Pump with Adapter
2 - 100-Gallon Advanced Filters
Regular Party Price: $107.80
{Super Saver Deal} Price: $87.99
{Super Saver Deal} #2 -- Water Filter Bottle and Emergency Crank Flashlight/Radio Combo 4-Pack
If you've been feeling sad that you missed out on the Seychelle Water Bottle 4 pack deal this should make you happy! Not only do you scoop up 4 of the water bottles at an incredible discount but you also get other awesome emergency supplies for your 72 hour packs!

 4 - Seychelle 28oz Water Filter Bottles
4 - Emergency Crank/Flashlight/Radios
4 - Car Charger Adapters

Regular Party Price: $142.99
{Super Saver Deal} Price: $116.99

{Super Saver Deal} #3 -- H20 Reserve 20 Pack
The H2O Reserve is another great way to store your long term water supply.  Each heavy-duty Mylar bag holds five gallons of water and comes with a built-in easy pouring spout. The Mylar bag stores in the reserve box for convenient storage. This super saver deal comes with 20 bags.

20 - 5-gallon H2O Reserve bladders and boxes
1 - Pump with Filter (100 gal. capacity)
1 - Replacement Filter (100 gal. capacity)
2 - Filter Cap Adapters

Regular Party Price: $136.99
{Super Saver Deal} Price: $106.99

These {SUPER SAVER DEALS} are NOT available to purchase online through my online store. They are unadvertised specials at a fantastic discount and only available for a limited time.

These deals are available June 7 - June 23, 2013. While Supplies Last.

Water storage is SO important so if you don't already have a sufficient plan in place for your family let me know how I can help you!

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