Friday, April 19, 2013

{Forever Friday} a list of "I could never..."

It's {Forever Friday} here at Our Thrive Life and I am so excited to have Mama Foster guest posting for me today. I also wanted to share that I am part of the 2013 Foster Friday Panel over at I Must Be Trippin'. If you haven't read Tammy's blog before you are in for a treat! She is hilarious and definitely plays out the real life fun & drama that can be fostering. She also is an amazing example of what post-reunification relationships can look like. Worth a read when you have time.
Now, on to the amazing guest post for the day!
Mama Foster is a, soon to be 30, mom to SEVEN! Five were adopted through foster care and two
were made the old fashion way. She loves to pin things on Pintrest and then never make them while watching her girls jump on the trampoline in their Christmas dresses and flip flops in the middle of spring. She believes God is the most important thing in her life and knows what HE has done for her is nothing short of a miracle. You can follow her at
I think our fostering journey probably started the first time we ever said, "I could never do that. I could never fall in love with a child and have them go back to their biological parents." My husband and I both said it, we both felt it, and we both thought that was the end of it.
But, God had other plans.
We felt the pull to adopt and found ourselves filling out paperwork to do what we had said and thought we could never do. The plan was to adopt and also "to help out other kids along the way".
Had I known what I was getting into I would have ran the other direction. I am so glad I didn't know. I would have missed out on some of the biggest blessings of my life.
We said we couldn't fall in love with a child and hand them back. But, as hard as it was, we did.
We said we would never take a child older than any of our bio children. But, we did.
We thought we would never have an adoptable child in our home and NOT adopt them. But, we did.
We thought we would never adopt our toughest foster child. But, we did. May I add here that she is amazing, funny, and has taught me more about forgiveness than anyone ever could have.
We thought we were done once we had filled our van with six children. God had other plans and we welcomed our seventh child into our family in December. A newborn foster child who will be around six or seven months old when her adoption is finalized. Talk about a miracle in foster care.
We have seen miracle after miracle and have done pretty much everything we ever said we wouldn't or couldn't...and you know what?
Our life is so much better and amazing than it would have been if we would have believed ourselves. If we would have said no to foster care, like so many do, there are five beautiful faces that I wouldn't see everyday. There would be an empty hole in me that I guarantee NOTHING would have ever filled and I would have died with more regrets than I would have known what to do with.
The greatest gifts in my life were given to me when I stopped saying no and started saying "yes!"

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