Monday, April 15, 2013

100 Facebook Fans ~ Giveaway Winner Announced

Hooray! Today my Facebook page reached 100 fans! Thank you so much to everyone who has come over to 'like' the page & share it with their friends.
Before I announce the winner {cause I know you all are desperately wanting to know, right!?} I wanted to share a little personal story on why we prepare.
Yesterday, my mother's water heater went out and was leaking everywhere. We didn't quite realize how much it was leaking until the repairman was out today. It did some damage which will hopefully be fixed by tonight and tomorrow her new water heater will be installed. For a few hours this morning her water was turned off. I was over helping out with four out of five of my amazing little kiddos. My kids were thirsty - it's Arizona and its already starting to warm up to 90 plus - so they needed water. My mom has stocked up on extra water at the store buying extra gallons and 2.5 gallon containers little by little each shopping trip. So when her grandkids needed a drink today we didn't even think to worry about it. We opened up some bottled water and the kids drank it up. Seems super simple but you'd be surprised at how many homes have NO stored water. If it doesn't come out of their faucet they have nothing. And as for the cost of replacing her water heater not to mention the drywall repair, etc... its in her savings. Having a little money tucked away financially should also be a part of your family's preparedness.
Later this week I will be sharing more on water storage as well as showing you a little {seriously simple} tutorial on raising up your 55 gallon water barrels from the floor. Why? Well, you'll just have to read my post to learn more (wink, wink).
Alright... I know you dying to know... are those freeze dried Strawberries yours?!

Check your Facebook messages!!

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