Friday, March 29, 2013

{Forever Friday} Kyson's Adoption Story: Part 2

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We are often asked the details of why Kyson came into foster care. While I want you to know that it isn't anything horrific or local news worthy. I also want you to know that this part of his story is his own. I do want you know that he has a birth mother and grandmother that love him very much.
A few months after he came to live with us we began to realize that the plans for him to return to his birth family were not going to work out. I had a lot of hope for reunification for him and it wasn't because I didn't love him with all my heart. It was because I did. When he came into our care at 15 months old the reason he would cry at night and scream after his visits and plead for his "Momma" was because he was very much bonded and attached to her. He knew her. He loved her. He wanted what he had always had. In adoption there is a great deal of joy and happiness but it is good to acknowledge the loss as well.
By the fall of 2011 he was free for legal adoption. We had our Adoptive Home Study finished and then it just became a waiting game for paperwork and legalities to catch up. He was (and is) thriving in our home. If you ever met our boy you know that he is quite the character. I loved seeing him open up and show us how resilient he could be.
I guess I should also include that in the summer of 2011 our little foster baby who had been with us for nine months returned home. {He has an excellent Mom and we still get to see him. He is doing so well!} We also had started some fertility help in January (yes, the same one that Ky was placed with us!) and by the summer just after little foster baby boy left we found out we were expecting.... twins.
So come January 2012 we were busily getting our home licensed again as a foster family, working on more paperwork for the adoption and preparing to double our family size. In March we welcomed our twins, Maya & Evan, to our family. Both Kyson and Isaac couldn't be more proud of the new babies. While I was still in the hospital after the twins birth I received a call from our lawyer letting me know that we had a finalization date for the adoption! Talk about blessings pouring out!
Just a few weeks later, on the Monday before Easter we went to Court and signed papers that made Kyson all ours. He was a total ham. He had the entire Court staff and Judge laughing as he mimicked their every move. It was a special and happy day.
Then the following Saturday, just before Easter Sunday we were able to have him sealed to our family in the Mesa Arizona Temple. See, part of my beliefs is that while that piece of paper from the Court was very important... I wanted Kyson to be a part of our forever family.

Aren't they adorable? Best friends & brothers!
I hope you have enjoyed hearing his story and getting to know my family a little more. We are still working on yet another adoption. Kyson's baby brother Chase (who is FOUR months younger than the twins!) who was placed with us through foster care when he was just two days old. His birth mother has shown amazing love and courage for her boys and supports our adoption of Chase. I'll share more of his story once we finalize which we are hoping to do this fall.

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  1. "I had a lot of hope for reunification for him and it wasn't because I didn't love him with all my heart. It was because I did." --probably the most Christlike, self-less, kind, and true love statement I have heard, probably ever!

    You're amazing Julie (even on days when you feel like you aren't)! Thank you for sharing!