Friday, March 22, 2013

{Forever Friday} Kyson's Adoption Story: Part 1

I remember the day the call came very well. It was afternoon and I was sitting in our upstairs loft folding clothes while Isaac, 19 months, played with toys close by. 'Little Dude', our little four month old foster baby, was sleeping in his room. I didn't recognize the number, but since we had placed ourselves back on the on-call list for foster placements I knew exactly what the call would be - a chance for another 'hello'.

It wasn't a typical agency worker this time. It was someone who worked for the State's placement hotline. They were looking for a home for a 15 month old little boy. He hadn't been removed from his family yet but the plan was to remove sometime that afternoon. Were we interested? Yes. It would be perfect. I actually had been thinking lately that it would be nice to have a foster placement that would be close to Isaac's age. Someone he could play with. Up to now in our foster story we had had two newborn placements as well as a 3 year old girl who stayed with us for only a week. It would be good for him to have a friend. Just as the worker was getting off the phone with me she asked, "Oh, he's black. Is that a problem?" Absolutely not I answered taken back by even being asked the question. "Yeah, I didn't think it would be."

After I got off the phone I called Scott quickly and told him about our newest family member. He was excited too. He has always let me have the "say" on whether a foster child is a good fit for our family. For the record I have never said no. I have said yes plenty more times than a child was brought to my home but that is very typical for a foster family. So foster child #4 was going to be on his way to our home in a matter of hours.

I got prepared, however you do that... got out some clean clothes for the new little one. I thought he would be smaller than Isaac. Boy, was I wrong. He didn't get the nickname 'Tank' for no reason. When the CPS worker brought him into my home... sleeping... in an infant carrier (you know the kind for little babies) I about dropped over... he weighed over 30 lbs at 15 months old. My little Isaac weighed 20 lbs soaking wet and was older! Off to get into the clothes I had bought ahead for Isaac. 12-18 month clothes were not going to cut it.

The first few days were a blur. Doctor appointments, foster care meetings, vistations with his birth family. I remember long nights up with a little boy whose whole world had been flipped upside down. He would only fall asleep on the couch... I couldn't hold him but I needed to be nearby so he knew he wasn't alone. My heart broke in a million little pieces for this little boy and from that my love for him grew.

I've heard many people talk about how our love for a new child, a new baby, grows as we serve them. Change their diapers, caring for them, giving them everything they need... for me my love was built in the same way with Ky. He was broken and lost and I got to serve on the front lines of his healing. While I wasn't his first mama.I wanted desperately to be his forever mama.

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  1. BEAUTIFUL! I can only try to imagine being in your shoes, trying to gain the trust of a child who's world has just been transformed! You're wonderful, thank you for sharing this story, I'm gonna be glued to your blog now :)