Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Store What?! Tuesday

I wanted to kick off my new weekly series Store What?! Tuesday sharing about the details on our new food storage goal. A year supply of grains and beans for a family of seven.

If you are wondering where on earth you would find information like that let me point you in a few good places :)

Our Church has a great website dedicated to self reliance teachings (which I shared about yesterday). They offer a few guidelines on longer-term food supplies here.
Following their recommendations we would need 300 lbs of grains and 60 lbs of dry beans per person. I think to most people that sounds like a lot, which sure when you see it all at once does. However, portioned out in daily ration style it is not. So I would definately suggest you look at these guidelines as minimums :)
Another great tool is the calculator over at Shelf Reliance. You can add each member of your family and the Thrive Planner will take into account both gender and age. From there you can customize what types of foods you want to store. Don't want 300 pounds of wheat per person? Break it up into quick oats, brown rice, instant white rice, macaroni, quinoa and flour. I love that the user has complete manageability over their food storage plan. Customize each food group just the way you want it. If you are like me you don't want to only eat grains and beans for a year. Add variety with freeze dried vegetables, meats and other baking and cooking necessities.
So now what?! How in the world am I going to afford all of this?! Easy Peasy.
The Thrive Q to the rescue!! This has hands down been the best thing for our family's food storage. I think affordability had been a huge road block in our family building a food storage. Sure, we had a loaded pantry and probably could have survived (albeit meagerly) for a month or two off of my stock piling little by little of our favorites from the grocery store. However, I never seemed to find the good deals on food storage items or the time to hunt them down. I certainly couldn't afford the big kits that {offered considerable savings} had a big price tag. The Thrive Q does the work for me since I will always receive the BEST pricing available through Shelf Reliance. I set my Q budget for $100 and every month a variety of items I've added to my "Q" show up at my house. Just like that. I've heard it referred to as Netflix for food storage. And this wasn't an added cost since I just reallocated some of our existing grocery budget.
Yesterday I went through my Q and added in more grains to help set up on track to achieve our goal of storing a years supply of grains and beans for our family. I'm storing items I know my family will eat and with the help of delicious recipes in the Thrive Cookbook I am learning how to cook with them too!

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