Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Store WHAT?! Tuesday - Water Storage

The most important thing in your preparedness efforts should not be food storage...
What?! Yep, food is important but nearly as important as water.
WATER STORAGE should be #1 on our lists. The human body can only survive 3-5 days without water. The human body, generally speaking, can survive for several weeks without food in many cases. If you are like me you don't want to be in a circumstance to test out either of these two survival rates, right?!
So let's prepare!
The way in which you store water will be completely up to you. There are vast resources and products on the market to assist you in this. If you live near a natual water source ~ say a private lake on your property ~ I would recommend a water filter/pump. If you have a pool, like me, you can use the water for sanitary purposes but it is not recommended that you use pool water for human consumption. If you have no other choice you should always distill it first. However, don't let it come to that.
Shelf Reliance offers several products that make water storage simple and effective. Our family recently purchased a 55 Gallon Water Barrell kit.  We plan to drain and refill this twice a year (every 6 months).
Someday I would love to get this bad boy Sure Water Tank that holds 260 gallons in a tight space. However, that is currently out of our budget!
One last easy product that I think every family that has a bathtub should own is the AquaPod. The AquaPod allows you to quickly and safely store a large amount of water in an emergency situation. They are priced at $22.99! That is a great deal for something that can offer a great amount of peace of mind.
What is your favorite way to store water? Please share in the comments!

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