Monday, January 7, 2013

Our goals for the year

A fresh new year is often full of renewed excitement and freshly set goals. Our family is no different. Last month I signed up as a Consultant for Shelf Reliance so food storage and healthier eating habits are a big part of our goals this year.

Food storage is a principle of self-reliance that our Church teaches. To read more about this and other self reliance or provident living teachings check out this link HERE. I still need to do an official inventory on what we have 'stored up' in long-term food storage ~ but it isn't much. We purchased a starter kit from our Church's cannery a few years ago when we purchased our home. About two years ago we packed and canned our own sugar and pinto beans at a local preparedness day. Around the same time I also canned (bottled) pinto beans, salsa and some jams. I also picked up some freeze dried vegetables and other items along the way ~ still not amounting to much if anything and certainly nothing I could make a meal out of if I needed to!

I think many of us have some fears or concerns when it comes to food storage, canning and preparedness in general. For me not knowing what to store, how to store it and certainly how to COOK with it was a big problem. I also didn't know how we could afford to build our food storage. Shelf Reliance has helped me with all of these! This is going to be our year to get this done!

Of course, we are setting realistic goals that we know we can meet and hopefully exceed.

First goal for the year? Store enough grains and beans for a family of seven for a year.

I hope you will follow along with me as I share our journey with you!

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